Tamz Royal fashion is a Company with class deals in Fashion fabrics, Clothing and Accessories business, we stock and sale fashion fabrics from the West and Central African market. This company was founded in Lusaka Zambia, in 2014, our fabrics brand portfolio consists of five brands: Vlisco, Woodin, Uniwax, Kente and GTP which have received widespread attention from the art, design and fashion worlds. We also have 3 full time working employees including one manager. Tamz Royal has a truly unique African fabric design language which has resulted in a truly African colourful and original fashion world


wax fabric

TAMZ ROYAL FASHION offers latest modern African outfits, fabrics, African print and wax prints and the latest unique  wax made with the best of materials that stays very comfortable and lasting with varieties of colors, shapes and designs, bags  and as well as handmade beaded bags. TAMZ ROYAL FASHION products make both men and women around the world feel proud and beautiful in vibrant and eccentric African inspired designs. This is because we aim at making our clients look beautiful and proud of African style. Designed specially to an African woman look decent. We have also created an hyperlink for our business which According to Carroll, hyperlinks “build trust by allowing readers to see what was used to put a story together” (2014). To know more about us “The Company’s profile and reviews are available.” When you click on our link you will have all the answers regarding to Tamz Royal Fashion.



Tamz Royal Fashion aim is to target female clients who are potential prospects and save money to buy decent African outfits for functions such as, bridal showers, traditional marriages and naming ceremonies. An African woman is known for decent dressing so women are always looking for a new African print to buy for such occasions which is appealing to other people. Women in Zambia have spent a lot of money on ordering fabrics from Ghana at a higher price but now Tamz Royal fashion will bring Ghana near to their homes by stocking Ghanaian African prints in the shop that at a reasonable price.



TAMZ ROYAL FASHION is situated at the center of the town. It has very friendly and experienced workmanship. They will help you find the exactly thing you are looking for in the shop. If a client wants a style tailored to their taste Tamz Royal Fashion will do just that and deliver in good time. It is open from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8pm to 3pm Saturdays. We are the only business that offers “you buy one beaded bag and get one hand bracelet for free” deal in town. We even allow lay-by which is paying in instalments before getting the item.

TAMZ ROYAL FASHION also recently introduced the most wanted African fabric know as KENTE from Ghana. It is a hot cake now and everybody wants a share of it. We listen to customers and deliver what they want.




Carroll, B. (2010). Writing for digital media. New York, NY: Routledge


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